2 thoughts on “Quicksand will kill us all

  1. The best way to get out of quicksand is to fashion a winch using vines for ropes and slices of trees for pulleys. Grab a tortoise or large turtle and tie the vine ropes around his shell, loop the vines around a couple tree slices and tie the other end around your ankles. The more tree slice pulleys you use, the easier it will be for the turtle to pull you out.

    That’s the best way. The EASIEST way would be to holler a lot and hope someone comes and gets you out.

  2. “Everyone know what it is but everybody doesn’t know what it is”
    I learned stuff about something I thought I knew what it was but wasn’t sure, and learned some awful things that I had no idea could happen if you are unlucky enough to step into quicksand.
    PS “Sand Soup” was explained better than I ever heard it.. Fun!

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